Children with Additional Needs (SEN)

Our SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinators) are Stacy Blake and Liz Cox. If you have any queries or questions relating to any additional or special needs that your child may have then please speak to either of them. The Pre-School liaise and work closely with outside agencies with the aim of being able to provide specific support for children with additional needs.

Every child is seen as an individual learner and staff ensure that your child is supported and challenged appropriately to their ability in order that they reach their full potential.

working nine to five

A big thank you to Sheepsetting Pre-school. Marlon has had a brilliant experience meeting new friends and learning so many aspects of growing up. He has improved his social skills and is so much more confident. Marlon has enjoyed his time at Pre-school and will miss you all. Many thanks.

Mariette Deans